Cylindrical Projection, Theatre Projection

Wheelock, MTR, New World Development • 2013 - 2014

Multiple projection installations at luxurious property show flat

onActivity presents this spectacular special effects projection for the launch of a luxurious residential property jointly developed by three real estate giants in Hong Kong. At the show flat located in Gateway, a large-scale and complex visual presentation was staged at the launch event.

There are 3 zones in the show flat. Different projection setups are installed for each zone to create different visual effects, deploying a total of 10 projectors for the whole installation.

Zone 1: Curved Screen Theatre
Projection of 4k x 1k quality video onto a super wide curved screen using 3 projectors, accompanied with 5.1 audio systems, creating an immersive audio visual experience for the audience.

Zone 2: Long Corridor
Projection of 6k x 1k HD video, giving visitors the pleasure of viewing a beyond HD resolution media.

Zone 3: Cylindrical screen
Cylindrical projection equipped with 2 projectors to create a virtual backdrop for the 3D property model.

onActivity designed the display system and media serving solution, and is responsible for the full show creation, demonstrating our capability of immense flexibility in matching any display configuration.


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