Digital Escalator Crown

MTR • 2008 - 2016

Animated ads that run above the MTR escalator

An innovative way to showcase products through a string of 32” HD LCD screens that run on the wall above the handrail of the MTR escalator, and tells a story through visuals on rotating loops, appearing as a movie on the move. Passengers can enjoy a story-telling advertising experience when travelling along the escalator. DEC accommodates animated ads, image flow executions, rotation of multiple visuals, and audio effects. The high-definition screens and high-impact content impresses every passenger passing by.

This is the first digital and animated escalator digital advertising platform in Asia’s metro system. The project was first launched in Causeway Bay with 22 players, and has expanded to a total of 157 players for five pairs of escalator banks in 3 busiest MTR stations. The project requires all screens to be managed and monitored from a couple of editor sites through the corporate media network. The screens in each escalator bank have to run in synchronised mode such that all the content in the screens are playing coherently.

onActivity is the technology company executing this cutting-edge digital display system, providing dynamic, creative, eye-catching and flexible digital advertising platform for MTR Hong Kong. We are proud to be awarded the DEC revamp project at the end of 2014.


  • DISE
  • Multiscreen contents
  • Central Network Management
  • Individual content with synchronization
  • Playback for a group of players