Digital Panel

MTR • 2009 - 2016

Animated ads that come in pairs

onActivity is the technology company executing this digital display system, providing dynamic, creative, eye-catching and flexible digital advertising platform for MTR Hong Kong. In 2014, we have started the revamp on MTR Digital Panel and it will finished in 2016.

MTR Digital Panel Network is an innovative and dynamic advertising platform consisting of 56 pairs of 65-inch HD plasma panels installed vertically for advertising display. With the cutting edge digital signage technology by onActivity, Digital Panel accommodates animated ads, image flow executions, and rotation of multiple visuals, to generate high impact motion and visual in a captive environment. The creativity and flexibility of Digital Panel has made it one of the most popular media for MTR advertisers.

Giant 65″ HD plasma panels in pairs are set up in 10 high traffic MTR stations throughout the concourses and platforms, deploying a total of 120 players. DISE, the powerful digital signage software, is installed as the core system for driving the digital panels and providing synchronization playback.


  • DISE
  • NoBorders (Multiscreens Synchronization Playback)
  • Central Network Management
  • 4k Playback with Noborders Technology