Dual-sided Digital Kiosks

Fashion Walk • 2016

Dynamic Fashion Showcase for SNAP @ Fashion Walk

Fashion Walk is a vibrant shopping district at the heart of Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, consisting of both indoor and outdoor areas. As home to Fashion Intelligence, Fashion Walk held a “SNAP @ Fashion Walk” event in May-June 2016 for fashionistas to share snapshots of their best outfit taken at Fashion Walk.

To display these hundreds of street style snaps at the location, onActivity provided 6 sets of 55” dual sided kiosks on Paterson Street and Food Street inside the Fashion Walk area. These huge, stylish digital signages located at the bustling shopping area formed a dynamic fashion showcase that integrated into the unique ambiance of Fashion Walk.

There are different requirements for outdoor digital signages than the indoor ones. The screens used are high-brightness monitors rated for outdoor use and have automated dimming features. Proper cooling device is also included to prevent overheating.

Companies are leveraging outdoor kiosks to improve user experience. Outdoor digital signage provides numerous advantages for businesses and organizations looking to reach their audience. Digital signage is more accessible and interactive than traditional static signage, offering users a more engaging experience. There are many applications that can be accomplished with an outdoor kiosk to increase ROI – ticketing, wayfinding, vending, informational, bill payment, etc.


  • Dual-display, digital signage for outdoor installation