In-Store Advertising

3HK • 2010

20 screens integrated with trigger technology @ Central flagship store.

The first large-scale digital interior installation in Hong Kong retail shops, providing a whole new shopping experience for 3HK customers. When customers pick up the mobile phone sample of their choice, relevant product specifications will pop up on the screen before their eyes. This interactive, multimedia digital display is powered by DISE Digital Signage software and trigger technology.

A stunning synchronised multi-screen installation was built, with 20 pcs of 46″ narrow bezel video wall panels placed in a horizontal line across the store, forming a super wide digital gallery and a futuristic shop interior. All 20 screens play synchronously with theme-based content in loops, supporting a content output of 40K pixel width plus layered visual effects.

60 contact triggers are integrated below the screens which enables interactive product information popping up when a customer pulls off phone samples. Also the very latest mobile phone models seem to fly across the shop seamlessly thanks to the synchronised screen setup.

onActivity performed system design and software integration of this project.


  • DISE
  • Trigger