Interactive Digital Poster

MTR Airport Station • 2018

Connecting Brands with Millions of Travellers

A new interactive digital poster network has been set up on the train platform of the Hong Kong Airport Station operated by MTR Corporation, helping advertisers attract passengers, and connecting brands with millions of people who travel through the airport station every year.

14 65-inches LCD displays, two of which are multi-touch screens integrated with interactive technologies, have been installed for digital advertising application. onActivity provided the signage solution for the advertising platform. We also tailor-made interactive content designed to draw passengers’ attention and engage them to play with the animated visuals.

The interactive digital posters invite passengers to touch the screen to explore further. The menu is then activated, showing options for viewing photo collection, video gallery and more information. Viewers can drag an image to change its size and position, or play a video in any angle and size. Scanning the QR code on the screen drives traffic to the advertiser’s website for more information.

Interactive digital poster attracts more views and sustains more attention than traditional digital signage, offering a new advertising platform that drives new revenue for transportation operators. It also entertains waiting travellers with multi-media and interactive contents, minimizing the perceived wait time and enhancing travel experience.

For the advertiser, it improves branding and customer experience, allowing shoppers to interact visually with the company’s products or promotions. Proven benefits include:

  • Engaging – draw attention to travellers with attractive displays
  • Advertise – increase brand appeal and enhance product recognition
  • Versatile – showcase various types of media including videos, images, social media to appeal to all types of consumers