Interactive E-catalogue

Lee • 2012

Retail shop demonstrates products with dynamic content and interactive media

Lee Jeans has chosen DISE digital signage software and onActivity E-catalogue system to power up a 9 in 1 video wall in their Causeway Bay flagship store. The 9-screens video wall is formed by 55” x 3 panels and 42” x 6 touch screens, mixed with portrait and landscape orientations, using DISE NoBorders technology, displaying up to a total resolution of 6K x 3K content.

High availability video synchronization system drives an internal advertising platform to show the store’s hot items. The system features 2 solutions:

  • Touch application embedded solution – dynamic content is generated and triggered by the touch screens through customer interactions. Each touch screen can start individually.
  • E-catalogue solution provides a brand new interactive shopping experience – after taking a photo of themselves, users can select clothing items on the screen and drag the chosen outfit onto their own image for virtual fitting, then save the final look and send to the video wall or the social network.

Integrating digital signage with E-catalogue solution, retail shops can create an exciting shopping experience, helping to boost buying impulse and increase sales.


  • DISE
  • E-catalogue and touch application