Falcon has been in the information technology industry since late 90s’ with current focus on building computer graphic installation. In 2007, he co-founded onActivity in Hong Kong for providing design and development service in computer graphic and human-computer interaction applications. He, and his company, gained initial recognition through the successful deployment of the advertising digital signage network along the escalator at the MTR metro stations in Hong Kong. Falcon continues to look into ways to innovate the industry through the right use of technologies.

Falcon also maintains a good relationship with DISE, a Swedish digital signage software company. He formed DISE Asia with DISE in 2009 aiming to promote DISE product in the region. DISE has gained significant recognition in Japan and China through the work with his local partners.

Prior to his conquer to the digital signage industry Falcon has worked for companies scaling from start-up to international class. He worked for Agfa Graphic System, Emerson Climate Technologies, and a web application start-up.

Falcon has a strong passion in computer graphic and information technology since his college time. He has written his first game and generated the first ASCII art in BASIC when he was 15. He graduated with honors degree in Computing. He studied Computer Graphics in the University and the knowledge he gained has been beneficial to his career. He experiences in various computer graphic software and visualization tools for visual presentations. He can build solution requiring the integration of audio / visual equipments, software and electronics.