Increase likes and shares on social media with AR Photo effects

Tens of thousands of pictures and videos are being posted on the social media every day. How to stand out from the crowd and catch audience attention? Here’s a new way – create interactive, responsive AR experiences with AR photos. You can reach users across Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger.


Facebook’s Camera Effects Platform includes AR Studio, a new tool that lets developers create interactive photo and video effects for the new Facebook camera. You may combine textures and objects to create a huge range of effects from simple masks to interactive games. You can create effects that respond to the movements of people’s hands and faces, or the environment they’re in.


In July 2018 LEGO created its 60th anniversary video using facebook AR Filter and it went viral. Players can interact with LEGO bricks on their smartphone screen, e.g. if the user taps the balloon some LEGO minifigures will fly out, then you can drag it or scale it to move it around, hold it in your palm etc. Several people can play together – when they open their mouths, different greeting messages will appear like they are shouting out birthday wishes. The video has gone really popular with the fans, so for LEGO this is a very successful branding campaign – using the latest technologies allows its physical products come to life on the smartphone screen.

Other product types / industries would benefit from this application. A good example is cosmetics. Users can try out the effects of different makeup products, like lipsticks or blushes, on their own faces via the facebook camera, and see if they like the colour or not before buying the products. Some cosmetics brands create these AR photo games when they launch a new product line.


This works for seasonal greetings as well. Much more impactful than simply sending out an e-card. For example companies can send New Year blessings in the form of AR photo – inviting recipients to respond to the effects and have fun, e.g. by hand and body movement, touch gestures etc.

AR experience creates deeper engagement for the viewers. The result? More likes and shares for sure. A great way for companies to reach out to a wider audience on the social media.

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