Dome Projection @ Imperial Cullinan

Sun Hung Kai Properties • 2011

Quarter Dome projection for new property launch
In Hong Kong, residential properties are being sold long before completion, which means that buyers do not have the opportunity to inspect the actual property before signing the purchase agreement. Developers have to draw support from a multitude of sales tools to sell properties still under construction. One recent trend is the use of advanced projection technologies – the setting up of a theatre in the showroom for staging promotional movies or entertainment programmes. The whole production is extremely sophisticated and professional, intended to give a better-than-cinema viewing experience to potential buyers.


Amazing 360° laser projection show
onActivity has been commissioned by Sun Hung Kai Properties to stage the first full dome projection in its show flat, located in ICC, Hong Kong, for one of the most large-scale real estate launching events in Hong Kong. Dome projection is a high-tech installation involving sophisticated integration of software & hardware, and complicated alignment & calibration process. This innovative technology allows content to be seamlessly displayed on the interior of a hemisphere.

The show flat facility houses a huge projection system, equipped with 15 projectors, projecting onto the enormous dome-shaped screen that simulates the skyline. At show time, a realistic 360° laser projection, with rich imageries and sound effects, surrounds the audience, giving them a full immersive experience of viewing a firework display across the beautiful Hong Kong night scene. The result is a stunning audio-visual entertainment.


onActivity designed the display system and media serving solution, and managed the complex project from concept development to installation execution.


The Challenges
For this challenging dome projection project, the key to success is a comprehensive project planning that caters the client’s requirements – reproduction of a residential flat that has the view of the Victoria Harbour. Different considerations have to be taken, including design of setup to match the movie content, hardware system design to overcome site limitations such as installation angle, lighting effect to conceal edges outside the projection zone, etc.  Good planning together with repeated testing are essential for the good show.

onActivity successfully staged this spectacular show with our state-of-the-art solutions and won more projection visual projects with SHKP and other property companies.

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