Retail Digital Signage @ Citistore

Citistore (Tsuen Wan / Ma On Shan / Tseung Kwan O) • 2011, 2015, 2017

Department store reaps benefit from digital signage

For the retail industry, digital signage is definitely the way to go. Since Citistore Department Store experienced the many benefits that digital signage brought to its business with the first installation in 2011, it has kept on extending the coverage of screens and players in its retail network during subsequent years. onActivity, with our digital signage system as the core, has always been the partner of choice.

Tsuen Wan branch – In 2011, 3 screens were set up at the entrance of Citistore Tsuen Wan branch. This allows the store to attract customers, demonstrate products in a new way, tailor advertising to specific audiences and display special promotions at specific times. In 2015, another 7 signages had been set up, including 2 sets of 42” LCD display, 4 sets 65” 4K LCD display and 1 set of 65” Display kiosk, for digital advertising and product promotions.

Ma On Shan branch – In 2017 when Citistore revamped its Ma On Shan branch, we added 4 sets of 55” 4K display signage and 4 sets of 40” signage to this store. The screens are carefully positioned at different locations to serve different purposes, such as welcome message, shop announcements, product promotions, customer information, etc.

Tsueng Kwan O Branch – another installation in 2017 in the newly renovated Citistore Tsueng Kwan O Branch. We have installed 3 pcs of 55” 4K LCD display and 3 pcs of 40” LCD. Apart from installing in the usual locations like entrance and product departments, the cashier area is also chosen, for displaying new products to stimulate last minute purchase while customers are lining up or making payments.

Content management is easy and can be managed by their own staff. Citistore has all the content created at the headquarters and then distributed to the different branches, giving them full control over digitised marketing and an effective means of communication.

Digital displays improves branding and customer shopping experience. The technology allows shoppers to interact visually with products or promotions while still in the store environment, where actual purchasing decisions are made. Other key benefits of digital signage for retail include:

  • Common branding and customer experience across all store locations

  • Cross-marketing of products and services

  • Additional sales tool to increase margins

  • More cost and time-efficient in introducing new marketing campaigns

  • Ability to incorporate live infotainment to entertain and inform guests

  • Attract customer attention and influence purchase decisions

  • Environmentally friendly by reducing waste goods

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