Show Flat Multi Channel Projection @ Imperial Cullinan

Sun Hung Kai Properties • 2011-2013

In Hong Kong, residential properties are being sold long before completion, which means that buyers do not have the opportunity to inspect the actual property before signing the purchase agreement. Developers have to draw support from a multitude of sales tools to sell properties still under construction. One of them is the use of advanced projection technologies – the setting up of a theatre in the showroom for staging promotional movies or entertainment programmes. The whole production is extremely sophisticated and professional, intended to give a better-than-cinema viewing experience to potential buyers.


The following cases are impressive theatre set ups built for SHKP in its showroom in ICC Hong Kong.


12m width Panoramic Theatre Projection (2011)
3 projectors are used for projection mapping on a 12m wide curved screen with 7.1 surround sound system in an egg shaped theatre, creating an immersive experience for the audience. The projection visual show, with rich imageries and sound effects, surrounds the audience, giving them a realistic picture of the property facilities and neighbouring environment.


A big challenge in this project was the curved screen, which is essentially an irregular screen in the shape of a double curve, i.e. it is curving both horizontally and vertically, but at different curvatures.  Adjustments have to be made to compensate for the distorted projection image.


Model integration projection with auto calibration set up (2012, 2013)
This project is a large scale projection where the projected visuals have to integrate with the 3D property model, and the special effects have to be timed perfectly to sync with the moment the model rises up from the platform.


Timing is of the essence in this installation. As the 3D property model movement is controlled by a mechanic device, which is not a very precise kind of setup, it may not rise up at exactly the same point of time at every turn. Testing has to done repeatedly in order to catch the accurate timing, so that projection images, lighting and music can be synchronized.  One more variable is that the machine gets slower in time, especially when the model is as huge as an elevator, so adjustments have to be made every now and then.


Calibration problems occur in projectors installation. A total of 11 projectors are used (2 of which with auto calibration setup) – they are of different resolutions, positioned at varying angles, and projecting onto an irregular screen consisting of a 10-metre long curved backdrop and a flat screen on the ground. All these add up to difficulties in calibration and calls for technical expertise to complete the process.


Projection shows proves to be an effective way in promoting new properties. onActivity designed the display system and media serving solution, and managed the project from concept development to installation execution.

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