Digital Signage for Hospitality @ HK Jockey Club

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Clubhouse (Happy Valley / Shatin / Beas River) • 2017 , 2020

Horseracing venues are amongst the latest to feature digital signage, with the hopes of attracting more audiences as well as giving patrons something new and fresh.


More than 100 digital signage players have been installed in Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) facilities for hospitality needs, including the clubhouses of Happy Valley, Shatin, and Beas River. The screens are distributed in different areas to serve different functions:

  • Wayfinding – displaying venue information like floor directory and today’s events help people find the way to their destination or simply get a grasp of the surroundings. This lowers the pressure on the info desk and makes it easier for the public to find what they are looking for.

  • Event management – displaying meeting room timeslots and room availability, event name and host. These digital signages are linked to HKJC’s venue booking system, such that content can be retrieved from the server automatically without manual intervention.

  • Digital advertising – displaying digital ads of the HKJC major racing events, wedding banquet package and various promotions

  • Digital menu boards in restaurants – displaying vibrant and dynamic menus and daily specials. Different menus can be shown on different screens and managed centrally, while dish items, pricing and availability can be edited by operation staff quickly and easily.

  • Digital menu for outdoor kiosks – when night races are held at Happy Valley Racecourse, outdoor food kiosks will be set up next to the audience stands. Movable digital menu stands will be of service.

  • Ticketing at snack bars – displaying the queue status so customers know the approximate wait time.

Digital signages shows up-to-minute info, event updates or schedule changes. And given that the operators can change the content immediately, it’s a more efficient means of delivering important information to the crowd.

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