Interactive Games @ Black & White Milk Pop Up Store

Black & White Milk • 2018

Creative Setups that Attract and Engage Event Attendees in Product Promotion.

onActivity designed creative interactive games for Black & White Milk at its pop up store, which was a 10-day event (16-25 Nov, 2018) aimed at promoting the Hong Kong milk tea local taste. We created 4 interesting installations in the event venue to attract and engage visitors.

  1. Projection on milk tea cup – upon entering the store, guests see a huge tea cup props with “milk tea” filled up to the top. Projection is made onto the surface of the tea, essentially a round shaped screen, with a video telling the story of Hong Kong milk tea.

  2. AR photo corner – a huge tea cup was set up as the photo booth against the mega wall made up of 2800 cans of Black & White Milk. When someone walks into the tea cup, the AR phototaking app is triggered and a cartoon cow appears on the screen. The cow will make different poses and interact with the guests, taking funny photos together. Guests can then scan the QR code generated immediately to collect the photo and share it with their friends or on social media. AR phototaking is a novel experience, something they want to brag about to their friends and drive fear of missing out for anyone who isn’t at the event.

  3. Projection touch wall – a backdrop with illustrations telling the story of Black and White Milk is turned into an interactive touch wall. The illustrations consist of different steps of milk production, from cow raising to final delivery to Hong Kong local diners. When guests touch a particular graphics on the wall, animations will play and show the details of that part of the story.

  1. Interactive game: this is a game where guests are asked to perform the 4 steps of making a cup of milk tea – adding tea leaves, boiling, pouring tea into the cup repeatedly, and mixing tea and milk in a specific proportion. When the guest finishes one step, the corresponding video will be triggered and projected on the screen.

These installations helped Black & White Milk create a most entertaining event for all participants. More importantly, through the interactive experience consumers become active participants in the event – their engagement with the brand will be enhanced, and they will come to accept the brand’s products without knowing it.

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