Touch Corporate Signage Solution @ CITI

Citi (One Bay East, Kwun Tong) • 2016

Bank Utilises Interactive Digital Signage For Better Customer Communication.

As a leading global bank with business in more than 160 countries and jurisdictions, Citi group is always at the forefront of innovations. When the bank set up its new Hong Kong headquarters in One Bay East, it planned to utilise the latest interactive technologies in the office building for better customer engagement and corporate communications.


The system chosen for this purpose is onActivity’s touch digital signage solution.


3 touch screen kiosks (2 x 55” and 1 x 75”) have been set up at the lobby of the building. The content design is to show the bank’s corporate information. By tapping on the respective icons, bank customers can browse the bank’s info such as missions, awards and recognitions, innovations, CSR programmes, and most important of all, history & development. Major milestones are illustrated with a timeline, and customers can drag the slider on the screen to see the happenings of different time periods.


It is crucial for banks to connect with customers quickly and effectively in this digital era. Technology advances have resulted in fewer and fewer visits to a branch since many everyday financial transactions can be done online or by telephone. Capturing a customer’s attention and conveying its message, with precision and visual appeal, providing the best customer experience possible, has become an important mission for the bank. In-branch interactive setups could be the key to maintaining relationship with customers.

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