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HKT 5G Tech Carnival, Hong Kong, 13-16 June 2019

onActivity joined the HKT 5G Tech Carnival, an event that heralds the arrival of a new digital era based on 5G technology, enabling ordinary people to lead a smarter lifestyle. This 101,000 sq. ft. futuristic expo also showcased other emerging technologies like AI, robotics, IoT…

In the PCCW Global booth we showcased the upcoming applications and possibilities of 5G communications technology in an interactive way through a projection touch wall. On the wall a world map was used as the backdrop and sensors were installed. By touching the different sensors, visitors are able to see PCCW’s Engine behind 5G – how it uses its global cable network to provide internet service around the world and accommodate the future needs of One Belt One Road, facilitating global connectivity safely, reliably and efficiently.

Official website of the event: https://www.hkt-5gtechcarnival.com/en/

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