MTR Advertising The Best of the Best Awards 2015

onActivity created 3 multimedia setups for MTR Advertising The Best of the Best Awards 2015, an awards ceremony held in Mar 2016 that gathered Hong Kong’s advertising and marketing experts, including this year’s winners. Each setup deploys cutting-edge digital signage / interactive technology and demonstrates how advertisers can make use of such creative tools to promote products and services. Our 3 setups tie in with the gala theme of sports, here are the details:

1. Digital Escalator Crown (DEC) – 5 large screens running along an escalator, showing live weather info and the animated ad of a sports drink, which is a conditional content based on the real-time information, e.g. if the weather today is rainy, then it is suitable for indoor exercise and related content will be shown. This illustrates advertising can be integrated with real-time info to attract audience attention.

2. Digital Panels (DP) – a pair of 65” digital panels are used as online voting platform. The guests can scan the QR codes on the screen to vote for their favourite sports team, and the update voting result will be shown instantly on the screen. An example of how marketing campaigns can engage target audience with interactive participation.

 3. Interactive Projection wall – an interactive touch wall showing different gymnastic sports. When guests touch certain graphics on the wall, they can see related animations come out, e.g. touching the balance beam sports area will trigger the animation of an athlete performing somersaults and turns on a balance beam. The idea of this setup is that with our technology, a normal backdrop can be transformed into an interactive backdrop, which will certainly steal the limelight in any event.

onActivity has been the technology company behind MTR’s digital advertising platform since 2008. We are proud to be invited to showcase new multimedia possibilities in this important event.

About The Best of the Best Awards

Marking its 14th Anniversary this year, MTR Advertising The Best of the Best Awards has been held annually since 2002 to celebrate distinguished achievements and creative excellence in MTR advertising. By recognizing the outstanding contributions made by advertisers, creative agencies and media agencies. The Best of the Best Awards aims to encourage the advertising industry to exploit new ideas and to produce more creative executions in the future. This year the event ended with the Awards Ceremony held at Grand Hyatt, Hong Kong, on 16th Mar 2016.

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