SONY Open House Exhibition, Hong Kong, 26-27 Oct 2016

On 26-27 October 2016, onActivity participated in the Sony Open House Exhibition 2016 and showcased 2 solutions.


1. Interactive Presentation Solution – 3 large screens have been set up utilizing gesture control and motion tracking systems. Through a camera that scans hand movements, people can interact with the screens without actual contact and perform different actions with the files, e.g. move, rotate, enlarge, etc.  The multi-screen can be extended to as many as required, allowing many people to present together. Such high-end interactive presentation solution is useful for applications like product launch, retail e-catalogue, corporate presentation, and many others. It will definitely help to attract customers and engage audience in a new and interesting way.


2. Anonymous Video Analytics Solution (AVA) – this is an advanced system utilizing face recognition technology. The system tracks the number of audience and their attention duration, and can even distinguish gender, age group and mood. Real time data will be analysed instantly with a demographic report generated on the web. It allows the user to collect info for Big Data and is valuable for purposes like targeted advertising, flow control in shopping malls, etc.


The Sony Open House is organized by Sony Hong Kong for the 2nd time. Only 13 leading companies in display technologies are invited to showcase their latest innovations in visual solutions. onActivity is honoured to participate in this event 2 years in a row.

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