How to engage attendees in product promotions

Design something creative at your promotional events to attract and engage visitors. Events aren’t just about networking, speeches or good food, it’s about creating experiences and special moments that make attendees identify with the brand and fall in love with their products. Here are some ideas to make that happen.

Creating moments of connection
Technologies like projection, touch, AR, VR etc. make it possible for the brand to connect with their guests in more ways:

Make it Experiential – an AR photo booth is a creative way to engage attendees. Design a photo booth matching with the event theme, when someone walks into the photo area, the AR phototaking app will be triggered and something funny will appear on the screen to interact with the guests, taking funny photos together. Guests can then scan the QR code generated to collect the photo and share it with their friends or on social media. AR phototaking is a novel experience, something they want to brag about to their friends and drive fear of missing out for anyone who isn’t at the event.

Make it Interactive – interactive setups help the attendees become active participants in the event experience, and allow the brands to engage attendees and build awareness.

  • projection touch wall invites attendees to touch the graphics on a backdrop with sensors, triggering animations and tell the brand story. e.g. in an event that wants to convey the message “Co-create a happy city”, a backdrop depicting local landmarks and Hong Kong culture was created, and when guests touch the graphics on the wall, special effects will be played to convey the theme.

  • interactive game calls for personal participation and creates enjoyment while playing the game. Such memorable experience allows the brand to create a much stronger connection with the attendees. e.g. in an event promoting evaporated milk, an interactive game invites attendees to perform 4 steps of making good milk tea and when the guest finishes one step, a promo video will be played. In this process, attendees will come to accept the brand’s product without knowing it.

Looking for new ways to impress your event attendees? What do you think about these tactics? Will they work for your brand? Please tell us your opinions and share the post if you think it’s useful.

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