What can you do with multi-touch tables?

When shopping in a mall, have you ever been attracted by some interactive touch games in promotion stands? Did you then try to find out what it’s about? When visiting a museum, would students choose to play educational games on a touch table, or look at exhibition panels with words and pictures?

Effective educational tool
It is quite natural that interactive media, e.g.  videos and mini games, is more entertaining than static graphics, especially for the younger generation. So large format multi-touch table can be equipped with engaging lessons and activities designed to captivate students and improve their learning abilities.

Business collaboration tool
A large format multi-touch device engages many users simultaneously, enhancing the human-to-human experience. So multi-user multi-touch tables provide a great tool for businesses to engage multiple users with multiple content, e.g. collaborative teamwork in office environments, or collaborative experiences in public spaces.  With a carefully designed application it is possible to engage all varieties of people.

Marketing tool that drives sales conversion
Multi-touch make a good marketing tool for promoting brands and products. It easily engages with customers and can help to drive sales conversion and cross-selling. It gets rid of the limitations of passive communications, and allows information to be shared in an exciting format. It has proven to significantly help sales personnel connect with potential customers at the point of sale. That’s why we see multi-touch technology being widely used in retail events.

Simply using fingertips, multi-touch technology is a great digital tool for different types of face-to-face environment. It opens up a whole new way to share useful information, create an enjoyable user experience, for people to learn, share and collaborate. From product information & presentations, interactive maps, product catalogues and shopping cart systems to creative office solutions, it can be applied to many business applications.

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