LED Wall Solution @ Citibank

Citibank Central Wheelock • 2013

Digital Signage becomes essential for modern banking
It’s rare that customers visit a brick-and-mortar branch these days now that many day-to-day banking services can be handled online. Digital signage serves to bridge the gap between all-digital banking and in-store banking. It has the power to foster and retain customer loyalty by customizing branch operations with a level of personalization and visual appeal that has never before been possible, strengthening customer relationships and boosting sales.

Customers like digital screens. Using dynamic digital signage can enhance the in-branch customer experience, serve as an effective communication tool to present targeted information to waiting customers, and promote new products and services according to the interests of customers in different areas of the branch.

onActivity provides the total digital signage solution for financial institutions, from hardware purchase to installation and display content design.


The first 4K LED setup in HK
onActivity helped Citibank to install the first 4K LED wall digital signage system in Hong Kong, at its Wheelock House Branch located in Central. Two 1.9 mm LED screens are installed back to back, one inside the shop while one faces the street, an impressive sight across the entire shop front, serving customers and staff inside the branch as well as passersby outside.


Digital Signage in high availability mode
The onActivity solution for large scale, data driven video walls has been used for this high availability system. Redundant display system architecture allows real-time information integration with stock info, weather & breaking news, and advance scheduling for display information content at specific time interval.

Apart from pushing digitized news and update information, Citibank also uses the LED wall to cross-sell additional products and change marketing messages instantly, which help trigger need recognitions.  Customers are more easily motivated to purchase. The system is so user-friendly that the bank staff can customize an ad and have it running in seconds.


The huge LED screens can also be used as a digital backdrop during special events or for after-hours presentations or training to staff.

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