Interactive Educational Applications @ HK Space Museum

Hong Kong Space Museum • 2011

Let children play and learn innovatively

A tailor made multi-touch table for playing gravity game was installed at Hong Kong Science Museum for the exhibition “Albert Einstein (1879-1955)”. As one of the interactive exhibits used to demonstrate various physics phenomena, the game is designed to enhance visitors’ understanding and conception of space and time, mass and energy. A few mini-games have been developed to suit the purpose.


Multi-touch tables make a good educational tool because of its interactivity, eye-catching visuals and high impact motion. Children are attracted to them instantly and want to try out the gravity game.


Sensing is the key issue for this project. Since the technology of multi-touch table is not sensitive enough for fast motion gaming, a lot of tuning has been done and a tailor-made software has been designed to make gaming possible.

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