Thermal Mirror @ Renaissance College

Renaissance College, Hong Kong • 2020

Contactless, intelligent temperature testing system to ensure a safe school space

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the world – no matter at work, at school or at home, health and safety always come first. Temperature checking in public places like shopping malls, restaurants or private properties like residential and commercial buildings have become the norm. However this means that at least one staff has to be dedicated to the boring job all day long, and if there are more than one entrance at the premises, more staff are required, putting a strain on manpower deployment.

Renaissance College, an international school located in Ma On Shan, adopted a simple, automatic and reliable temperature taking system as the solution – the Thermal Mirror. The fact that the college embraces technology to ensure a safe environment for students, teachers and visitors is welcomed across the board.


Fighting the virus with technology
The Thermal Mirror is a contactless thermal fever detection solution that makes gauging temperature as simple as stand, scan and clear. The system is driven by AI, intelligent analytics and custom automation features. It makes real-time temperature taking fast and accurate, and helps the user manage the results easily from a central dashboard.

The school administration benefits a great deal from the Thermal Mirror’s added value to the check-in process. Apart from being fast and user-friendly, visitors would not have the feeling of being “attacked” by a (temperature) gun, and they can see their own temperature which gives them further reassurance. The device can also give out a “no mask” message when the person being scanned is not wearing a mask, which serves as a reminder for people to wear a mask.


Great cost and time savings
As with most schools, Renaissance College assigned the additional task of temperature taking to its security guards, on top of their usual duties of checking badges, maintaining campus safety and directing visitors. After having this automatic system, the extra time of taking temperature is saved and the security guards can focus what they are supposed to do. Besides saving additional manpower, the system is also very affordable and easy to set up.


Flexible expansion options
The Thermal Mirror system automatically generates data for the user to review from a single dashboard, but the use of such function is optional and customizable according to the user. For example, Renaissance College is not using the dashboard data at the moment but it might consider using it in future to log external visitors, service providers, etc. during the weekends. Also, the user has full control of the workflow settings and expansion options, such as integration with digital signage or website, sensors to monitor occupancy, etc.

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