Arts X Tech Meetup, HKSTP, 20-22 April 2021 took part in the Arts X Tech Meetup at Hong Kong Science and Technology Park in April 2021. Twelve tech ventures were invited to showcase their Arts x Technology innovations in the 3-day event. As a company known for bridging design to technology, we have a rich portfolio of successful cases in this area, but the best example of how technology helps to showcase art work is the TIAMAT art show of 2 years ago, so we recreated the TIAMAT immersive projection set up in the HKSTP Grand Hall.

We elaborated the details of the TIAMAT set up in the sharing session “Blessing of Alien Lights”, and explained how we provided the technology to help artists fulfil their wild imaginations of living in another planet and realize their creative ideas into installation displays. We also shared other relevant projects like show flat projections for real estate developers, interactive touch walls for exhibitions, and digital signage solutions.

In the event we received hundreds of visitors from various art sectors in Hong Kong and related government bodies responsible for art development, e.g. the Home Affairs Bureau, Leisure and Cultural Services Department, and HK Arts Development Council.

The crossover of art and technology has always been one of onActivity’s unique advantage. We are honoured to be a part of this event and wish to contribute to Hong Kong’s art development in future, through technologies such as digital media, multimedia, 3D visualization, AR and VR.

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