“TIAMAT” Art Show, Hong Kong, Oct 2018

onActivity sponsored and participated in an art show “TIAMAT”, held from 6-21 October 2018 at 7 Mallory Street, Wan Chai. With the theme “All These Worlds Are Yours Except Earth”, this exhibition presents the wondering possibility of settlement on a new planet. It brings fantastic and splendid dreams to audiences, and inspires their utopian imagination. Artists are invited to examine the cultural, rather than scientific, meanings of space exploration. It even involves a deep contemplation of the definition of inhabitation.


More than 15 artists attempted to elaborate on the possibility of human beings finding an uninhabited planet, and inhabit it, and communicated their views through various art forms, such as digital media, multimedia and 3D visualization. onActivity provided the technology to fulfil the wild imagination of these artists and helped them realize their creative ideas into installation displays.

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