Screen Expert

Light Artisans

onActivity is the leading expert on digital signage, show projections and interactive application in Asia

Digital Advertising System

Digital Advertising System provides a huge network based platform for user to manage advertising schedule. MTR has one of Hong Kong’s largest advertising platforms.

Travel Retail

Tailor made multi-touch table is a useful tools for retail marketing in brand building and pop up store. 


The most Immersive Viewing Experience tell your brand story in the most compelling way.

Video Analytics

Video Analytics is an AI-based technology to provide advanced actionable video analytics.

Digital Signage

Digital signage which customer use of digital displays to deliver digital information in a widespread way.

Omni-Channel Retail Solution

Big Data can help marketers to plan the coming marketing strategies. Increase the chance for sales.

Media Art

Media Art is a new trend which help to create a new attraction to stimulate visitors’ eye ball.

Smart Ambassador

Smart Ambassador system creates a whole new way of using digital signage for public.

Real Estate

Plenty of visual display solutions can be used in helping Real Estate residential property selling.