Multitouch Table

Multitouch Table

Multi-touch Table – multipurpose interactive tool

We create multi-touch tables with bezel-less all-in-one 55” interactive displays. The sleek and revolutionary design lets your content stand out with its ultra-thin bezel. It is highly versatile and can be tailor made for a wide range of applications and locations, perfect for showrooms, museums, marketing events, or anywhere.

With multi-touch tables, users can interact easily with drag and drop contents, play games or complete self-service tasks like reading ebooks and catalogues, viewing photos and videos, checking real-time information etc.

Object recognition

The touch screen uses Skin Ultra touch sensor which allows it to recognize objects while detecting touch simultaneously. Up to 6 tags can be used on each screen. The merging of the physical and digital world offers users a whole new interactive experience, and unlocks new possibilities for users to deploy, e.g. in games design, marketing events.

What are the applications?

  • Photo gallery – users can select, browse or move around photos.
  • Video gallery – users can view from a selection of videos
  • ebook – users can flip the pages using touch
  • Gaming – multi-touch interactive games can be created for fun or educational purpose, at marketing events, museums etc.
  • Self-service kiosk – when embedded in a kiosk it can be used for interactive tourist info, location map, restaurant order menu, retail product catalogue, etc.

Our Unique Feature

100 finger touches
Multiscreen set up to form a large touch table
Physical object recognition