Smart Ambassador - A Smart Wayfinding Technology

Smart Ambassador @ HKSTP 19W


It is easy to get lost when walking in a shopping mall or school campus. Wayfinding is particularly important in large facilities, dispersed campuses, huge malls, busy public spaces, and especially, unfamiliar environments. Indoor navigation abilities increase efficiency for businesses, be it retail, hospitality, healthcare, and manufacturing. Visitors do not have to waste time just finding a place, making their experience a more enjoyable one! All benefit.


Wayfinding refers to information systems that guide people through a physical environment and enhance their understanding and experience of the space. The latest digital wayfinding systems often integrate mobile applications, interactive digital displays, RFID, and other wireless technologies. onActivity offers 3 types of wayfinding solutions: Smart Ambassador, AR, and iBeacon.

Smart Ambassador.
A smart wayfinding technology

Integrates A.I. and anonymous facial recognition for wayfinding. It recognises visitors in the shopping mall to offer direction and recommendations. Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) backend kicks in for better response to your customers and treat them like your V.I.P.

AR wayfinding.
Putting navigation at the user’s fingertips

An immersive indoor navigation system that combines digital signage and mobile apps. Via the screen on a smartphone or tablet, AR wayfinding provides turn-by-turn directions overlaid on the camera’s view, adjusting by location based on where the user moves. Users can receive real-time direction, distance, rerouting, and even promotional content with augmented imagery.

iBeacon wayfinding – personalized indoor navigation via Bluetooth

Based on Bluetooth Low Energy, iBeacon transmits a constant signal that other devices can see. When a visitor walks into a venue, the related app will use the broadcasted beacon info to find his exact location, in real-time, and give him/her a blue dot location on the map. The app will then guide visitors with turn-by-turn navigation to the destination, e.g. a specific shop, their car in the parking lot, or a certain gate in a travel hub.


Smart Ambassador
AR wayfinding
iBeacon wayfinding

Direct shoppers and users – create personalized journeys for shoppers to find the products they want when they want them.

Retail, advertising – timely promotions increases the chance of impulsive purchase. Pricing, promotions, upselling etc. integrated into the user journey to drive higher revenue.

Hospitality – tourists will be able to find their way around with ease, e.g. on a cruise ship, in a vinery.

Analyse visitor movements and needs – provides valuable info for targeted marketing, space optimization etc.

Direct shoppers and users – create personalized journeys for shoppers to find the products they want when they want them.

Public alerts – provide pop-up notifications about changing public health measures and real-time access info of certain areas as the users move through the facility, especially important for high-traffic facilities like airports, malls, medical buildings etc.

Accessibility for the vision-impaired – many users with disabilities have personalized accessibility settings on their mobile device. With audible responses for indoor guidance, AR wayfinding has the potential to improve their accessibility.


Smart Ambassador

* Venue analytics: statistics on  gender, age bracket, customer flow etc
* Easy third-party integration
* No personal info stored


AR wayfinding

* utilizes user’s personal devices
* gives visual and auditory cue
* leveraging AI with image recognition technology
* easy to implement
* aesthetic design

iBeacon wayfinding

* high accuracy
* multi-floor
* multi-lingual & voice
* effortless integration into existing apps
* no personal data stored


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