Interactive Touch Wall

Interactive Touch Wall

Interactive, fun and engaging

Interactive touch wall is a great educational and marketing tool. It helps the attendees become active participants, engaging and interacting with the display, learning and building awareness of the portrayed content, brand or product.

Use cases include museums, events & exhibitions, and even pop-up stores.

How it works

A backdrop with illustrations is set up according to the event / exhibition theme. The visuals are designed to convey the key messages such as a brand story, product features, or any notable facts & information.

Behind the backdrop, sensors are attached at the back of the illustrations. When someone touches a certain graphics the respective sensor will be triggered, animations and special effects will play, showing the details of that part of the story.

Through these creative interactive touch walls, visitors can explore and learn in an interesting and proactive way.

What is included?

  • 3 m x 1.7 m backdrop
  • Projector(s) & sensors
  • Support & on-site service

What are the benefits?

  • Entertain with fun experiences
  • Allows the brands to impress & engage attendees at events
  • Helps build brand / product awareness
  • Attracts attention & stimulate proactive learning at exhibitions