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LED Wall signage @ Citibank Hong Kong Central Branch


To successfully deliver marketing messages in the corporate environment, you need to be direct, timely and creative. Corporate digital signage delivers targeted content and this reinforces brand messages and optimizes communication with customers as well as employees. Dynamic digital signs captivate your audience with real-time information and invite them to explore and discover with engaging content and calls-to-action.  onActivity is the expert in digital signage and interactive media, helping our clients create custom-made digital display solutions. Here are some examples of banking corporations utilising our service.

Touch Corporate Signage Solution @ Citibank – As a leading global bank with business in more than 160 countries, Citigroup is always at the forefront of innovations. When setting up its new Hong Kong headquarters in One Bay East Tower, the group wanted to utilise the latest interactive technologies to enhance customer engagement and corporate communications. 3 touch screen kiosks (2 x 55” and 1 x 75”) have been set up at the lobby of the building and the content design is to share the bank’s corporate information. By tapping on the respective icons, customers can browse the bank’s info such as missions, awards and recognitions, innovations, CSR programmes, and most important of all, history & development. Major milestones are illustrated with a digital timeline, and customers can drag the slider on the screen to see the happenings of different time periods.

Corporate Portfolio @CITI OBE Tower

Having digital signs strategically placed in the busy commercial centre is no doubt a good way to boost brand awareness and improve marketing.

LED Wall Solution @ Citibank – We installed the first 4K LED wall digital signage system for Citibank Central branch in Hong Kong. Two 1.9 mm LED screens are installed back to back. The installation includes redundant display system architecture and advance scheduling for display content at specific time interval, featuring real-time information integration with stock info, weather & breaking news. Our digital signage software allows the user to customize an ad and have it running in seconds. The bank is therefore able to change marketing messages instantly in order to stay ahead of the competition.

LED Wall Solution @ Dah Sing Bank – we helped install two LED walls at Dah Sing Bank’s Central Branch. One screen of 3.4M x 1.1M providing 1mm pixel size is located inside the branch, while another 3.6M x 2.4M screen (also 1mm pixel size) faces the street matching the design of the storefront. The digital signage software allows the bank to personalize an ad in no time.

Interactive Touch Portfolio @ Standard Chartered – to create memorable customer experiences, Standard Chartered Hong Kong transformed its Central branch into a digital branch full of interactive technology. onActivity was involved in the setting up of the Interactive Wall which consists of 3 huge touch-screens. Customers can touch on the digital posters and videos to view the bank’s corporate information. They can also access banking services or obtain rewards information by touching the credit cards on the screens.

The key ingredient for the success of every business is to attract and engage the right target audience, which is what our innovative technology can help to achieve with less effort.

LED Wall Signage @Dah Sing Bank
Interactive Portfolio @ Standard Chartered Bank


Corporations can use digital signage to maximize branding, values, company culture and history, creating trust and loyalty among their customers. Dynamic digital content is superior to print marketing because it engages customers both visibly and audibly with multimedia content, such as flash, RSS feeds, videos, and images. Furthermore, it is faster and less expensive to create and distribute content via digital signage.
It is crucial for banks to connect with customers quickly and effectively in this digital era. Technology advances have resulted in fewer and fewer visits to a branch since many everyday financial transactions can be done online or by telephone. It is therefore essential for banks to capture a customer’s attention and convey its message with precision and visual appeal, providing the best customer experience possible. Digital signage and in-branch interactive setups could be the key to maintaining relationship with customers.

Serve customers/attract passersby
Better interact with customers
Foster and retain customer loyalty
Maximize profit through upselling
Reduce perceived wait times 
Promote new products & services



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Corporate Portfolio Signage Solution @ CITI

Bank utilises interactive digital signage to educate the public about its history & development

LED Wall Solution @ Dah Sing Bank

Bank uses digital signage to engage customers and increase profits

Augmented Reality Bus Shelter @ HSBC

onActivity built an augmented reality bus shelter for HSBC, for the implementation of HSBC credit card marketing campaign