Digital E-Bulletin board @ HKUST


Educational institutions have huge information needs to keep students and teachers informed about what is going on. We help universities and schools engage with their target group and ensure up-to-date information reaches the right spaces at the right time. Our digital signage solution includes emergency messaging alerts, wayfinding touch screens, self-service kiosks, digital menu boards, scheduling systems and more.

Informative Panel @ HKUST – onActivity provided a digital signage solution in the campus of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology – from software to hardware, from system design to installation. At the podium a large LED screen is used to display special events of the day, current news, time and weather, as well as information that are of interest to students. In addition our digital signage software is used to handle display of information in the 2 canteens and the library.

The players are setup in a central server room, enabling control over where different messages will be displayed. The communication loop also involves multiple content contributors, from administration office to faculties to student bodies. The content is a mix of text, images and video, composed in a custom-made template. The ease of use and the flexibility of DISE make it an effortless task for the university administrators to update contents and post instant messages.

Informative Panel @ HKUST

Thermal Mirror @ Renaissance College – as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, temperature checking at schools has become the norm and this measure requires additional manpower. Renaissance College, an international school located in Ma On Shan, adopted a simple, automatic and reliable temperature taking system as the solution – the Thermal Mirror. A contactless thermal fever detection solution that makes gauging temperature as simple as stand, scan and clear. The school benefits from great cost and time savings as well as the option to access all data for administration purpose.

We also create interactive digital signage, teaching aids and exhibits for education purposes.


Thermal MIrror @ RCHK

Interactive Touch Wall @ Museum of History

Interactive Touch Wall @ Museum of History – a projection touch wall was created with a graphical backdrop showing the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge and its spectacular infrastructures and fun facts. By tapping the different icons on the bridge, animations start to play and give details of the bridge’s information. Touch wall is interactive, fun and engaging, therefore a very good educational tool.


Multi-Touch Table Games @ Space Museum

Multi – Touch Table @ Space Museum – Tailor made for the exhibition “Albert Einstein (1879-1955)”, the multi-touch table was designed for playing gravity games to demonstrate various physics phenomena and enhance visitors’ understanding of space and time, mass and energy. 


Students are used to communicating digitally and making the most modern tools available to them ensures you are connecting in the best way possible. Using digital signage, schools can ensure everyone on campus is fully connected all the time.
Share news & campus events
Live News Feed & Weather Info
Wayfinding through campus












Projection Touch Wall @ History Museum

Exhibitions don’t have to be boring anymore! Museum uses interactive setup for educational exhibition

Thermal Mirror @ Renaissance College

Contactless, intelligent temperature testing system to ensure a safe school space

Interactive Educational Applications @ HK Space Museum

Let children play and learn innovatively. A tailor made multi-touch table for playing gravity game was installed at an exhibition