Dome Projection set up @ Sun Hung Kai Showflat


Show projection utilises hi-end alignment and calibration technologies to create immersive, multimedia visual displays. The immersive environment delivers a truly unforgettable brand experience for the audience.

Projection is widely used in special events, entertainment, visitor attractions, museums, planetariums, digital cinema…

270 Degree Projection @ Sun Hung Kai Showflat


We help clients create stunning projection shows

We help clients design and stage the most spectacular projection shows, customised to any number of projectors or projection setups, as well as screen or surface of any shape and size (full and partial domes, cylindrical, curved, or flat; ceiling, floor, or objects of any 3D shape).

Our highly professional team transforms physical spaces into magical events that thrill and inspire. From 3D projection mapping to immersive installations, we are focused on creatively using technology to design unforgettable experiences.

Our software offers the most advanced auto-alignment tools and algorithms for calibration of multi-channel projection, geometrical correction and soft-edge blending including automatic camera based auto-alignment.


onActivity possesses the most advanced calibration technologies, and one of them is dome projection technology. It is the projection of imageries onto an enormous dome-shaped screen that simulates the skyline, giving the audience a full immersive viewing experience. Dome projection is a high-tech installation involving sophisticated integration of software & hardware, and complicated alignment & calibration process.

Camera Calibration – we use only calibrated cameras for measurement of projection screens to enhance the accuracy of calibration, which will eliminate hardware errors and improve the quality of the projection system. The cameras are calibrated to be used for different distances, with a parameter file containing the distortion coefficients, focal length and values of chip geometry correction.

Calibration Panel – when calibrating visual systems, calibration panels are used as a precision reference source. Our calibration panels are tested basing on highly precise certified coordinate measurement technique, and our specialists will design the measurement standard according to the size and space requirements of clients.


Besides large scale projection shows, projection technology can also be used for brand building or educational purposes by smaller companies. We created an interactive tool called Projection Touch Wall – consisting of a large backdrop covered with graphics on the front and sensors at the back. When someone touches the graphics, animations and special effects will be triggered to tell the story. Projection touch wall is interactive, fun and engaging, therefore a very good marketing and educational tool.

For brand building. A backdrop with illustrations telling the story of Black and White Milk is turned into an interactive touch wall in the pop-up store. The illustrations consist of different steps of milk production, from cow raising to final delivery to Hong Kong style teahouse. When guests touch a particular graphics on the wall, animations will play and show the story details.

For educational use. The Hong Kong Museum of History hosted an exhibition called The Road to Modernisation – 70 Years of the People’s Republic of China. A projection touch wall was built with a graphical backdrop showing the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge and its spectacular infrastructures and fun facts. By tapping the different icons on the bridge, animations start to play and give details of the bridge’s information.


We have 10 years expertise managing projects ranging from full dome projections, multiple projection installations for real estate giants to single projection mapping for small businesses. We are committed to making events of every size successful for our clients.

In Hong Kong, projection is often used in property show flats to entertain and engage customers. We work with major property developers and help them create the most impressive projection shows to assist the marketing of new properties.

Our Unique Feature of Projection

Camera-based Calibration
Support Auto Calibration 
Multi Channel Displays


Immersive Ceiling Projection @ Skypark

Absorbed in the beautiful scenes rendered in CG and the stunning theatre ceiling projections in a 4K property show flat theatre

270 Degrees Projection @ Century Link

This stunning 270 degrees theatre is formed by a 9-meters wide main screen with 2 side-screens making a 270 degrees surrounding screen

Dome Projection @ Imperial Cullinan

onActivity has been commissioned by Sun Hung Kai Properties to stage the first quarter dome projection in its show flat located in ICC