Multitouch Video Wall

Multitouch Video Wall

Tile Multi-touch Video Wall – near-seamless, interactive display in your own layout

Video wall with touch functionality takes team collaboration to a new level. Users can interact easily with drag and drop contents, bringing people together and helping ideas flow.

The narrow bezel features a bezel–to-bezel width that minimizes the visual distraction, providing a near-seamless picture across multiple screens without interruption. Its sleek design is perfect for the modern workplaces, showrooms, museums or anywhere.

Our multi-touch video wall is assembled with bezel-less all-in-one 55” interactive displays that can be tiled into your own layout, deploying various number of screens (e.g. 1×5, 3×3 etc.) , horizontally or vertically, on different surfaces – flat, curved, or embedded in a table. The versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications and locations.

Object recognition

The touch screen uses Skin Ultra touch sensor which allows it to recognize objects while detecting touch simultaneously. Up to 6 tags can be used on each screen. The merging of the physical and digital world offers users a whole new interactive experience, and unlocks endless possibilities for users to deploy.

What are the applications?

  • Office conference – users can drag and drop contents on the screens in meetings and presentations.
  • Showrooms / museums – multi-touch display creates more engagement for visitors.
  • Gaming – multi-touch interactive games can be created for fun or educational purpose.
  • Branding / marketing events – attracts visitors and build brand / product awareness.

Our Unique Feature

Compatible with Windows/Android/Mac/Linux
More cost effective compare with others
PCAP touch technology