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Hong Kong Museum of History

Interactive media technology holds out a wide possibility for displaying contents, telling stories and interactive games to engage, entertain, and educate visitors, creating unforgettable experiences for attendees in events and exhibitions.

onActivity has been the chosen digital media provider for projects in the world of entertainment, from museums, exhibitions, to pop-up stores. With expertise in digital signage, projection visual, and interactive media, our ability to provide both interaction and touch made us the perfect choice for event organisers.


We help museums create interactive digital exhibits, for example the Multi-Touch Game Table at Hong Kong Space Museum. Tailor made for the exhibition “Albert Einstein (1879-1955)”, the multi-touch table was designed for playing gravity games to demonstrate various physics phenomena and enhance visitors’ understanding of space and time, mass and energy. Sensing was the key issue for this project and we designed tailor-made software and developed mini-games to suit the purpose.

Multi-Touch Game Table @ Hong Kong Space Museum

Another example is Projection Touch Wall at Hong Kong Museum of History. In an exhibition called The Road to Modernisation – 70 Years of the People’s Republic of China, a projection touch wall was created with a graphical backdrop showing the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge and its spectacular infrastructures and fun facts. By tapping the different icons on the bridge, animations start to play and give details of the bridge’s information. Touch wall is interactive, fun and engaging. Through this interesting setting, visitors can explore and learn about the world-class bridge building technology used in constructing the bridge, achieving the goal of the exhibition.

Projection Touch Wall @ Hong Kong Museum of History

Many pop-up stores or exhibitions like using innovative digital media to attract visitors:

Futuristic Table @ Lancome Pop Up Store

An interactive multi-touch table was built for Lancome’s 10-day product launch event. A tailor-made Q&A game was designed to enhance visitors’ understanding of the brand and products. Users can play the game by sliding a Lancome product bottle on the touch table to choose the right answers. 

Interactive Touch Wall @ PCCW 5G Carnival

We showcased the upcoming applications of 5G technology through a projection touch wall. On a world map backdrop , sensors were installed. By touching different places on the map, visitors are able to see PCCW’s Engine behind 5G – how it uses its global cable network to provide internet service around the world.

Interactive Touch Wall @ DesignInspire 2018

As the theme of the event was Co-create a happy city, we illustrated the beautiful Hong Kong skyline as the backdrop and then placed local, cultural elements in the front. When visitors touch an image, different animation effects will be triggered and played on the wall to convey the message “Co-create a happy city”.

Digital exhibits make a good tool that encourages creative participation. Because of its interactivity, eye-catching visuals and high impact motion, adults and children alike are attracted to them instantly.


Bringing digital into an already entertaining experience can attract and inform audiences while increasing engagement, interaction and brand experience.

Entertain with fun experiences
Higher visits and ticketing income
Stimulative education made easy










Interacted With


Interactive Educational Applications @ HK Space Museum

Let children play and learn innovatively. A tailor made multi-touch table for playing gravity game was installed at an exhibition

Interactive Photo Booth @ Events & Exhibitions

Interactive installations transform boring environments into fun playgrounds, therefore widely used to attract visitors 

Projection Touch Wall @ History Museum

Exhibitions don’t have to be boring anymore! Museum uses interactive setup for educational exhibition