Thermal Mirror

Thermal Mirror @ HKSTP

Contactless, intelligent temperature testing system

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed how we conduct business – health and safety come first. Temperature checking for employees and visitors is becoming mainstream, whether in public places like shopping malls, restaurants or private properties like residential buildings and manufacturing sites. A simple, automatic and reliable temperature taking system would lend a helping hand.

Meet the Thermal Mirror, a contactless thermal fever detection solution that makes gauging temperature as simple as stand, scan and respond. The system is driven by AI, intelligent analytics and custom automation features. It makes real-time temperature taking fast and accurate, and helps businesses manage the results easily from a central dashboard.

How it works

  1. Approach – approach the Thermal Mirror and stand 2-3 feet from the camera, following the voice or visual cues
  2. Position – position face within the dashed lines on screen, temperature is taken once face is detected (whether wearing a mask or not)
  3. Results – results are available instantly: green light for clear, red light for high temperature

What are the benefits

  • Protect visitors, customers and employees. Get everyone safely back to business.
  • Helps with compliance and liability
    • Face recognition to detect and log employee daily test
    • Document tests, view / email results
  • Instant result with sound and light alerts
  • Increase customer confidence – share real time results at venue entrance or website
  • Privacy friendly – no photos and personally identifiable information saved
  • Self-checking possible, saving manpower. Provide “Temp Check OK” stickers to customers at the station.
  • Flexible and customizable
    • table and floor mount options available
    • One platform – any number of stations, locations and workflows. Supports standalone solution or networked with several stations. Integration with a digital signage or your website
  • All data aggregated, logged and accessible from a single dashboard