Service Information Panel (SeIP) @ MTR

MTR • 2012

Informing the public in-time is a top priority
People travelling on MTR would certainly want to be informed, in a timely manner, of what is happening in case of incidents. Enhancing passenger experience is therefore a top priority for any public transport system. For this purpose, onActivity has developed an advanced messaging system for MTR that involves over 300 Service Information Panels and players covering more than 90 MTR stations. The installation took place in a number of phases from 2012 to 2015, the project continues as new screens are being added along with the MTR network extension.


Message display in different formats within 60 seconds
Placed in front of entrance gates in the concourse area, the screens provide safety and promotion information under normal situations. In case of a service disruption, line and station controllers have the ability to send out ad-hoc, real-time messages to the affected stations within 60 seconds, so that passengers can be informed of happenings that could affect train service. The screen messages can be pre-defined or custom-made, graphical or textual, to indicate affected stations and type of incident. A station route map also shows the status graphically such that busy passengers can get first hand service information at a glance.


onActivity utilizes digital signage technology to serve the complex backend and a collection of intuitive user interfaces for the system operators, thanks to the versatility of the Parser and shared content editing capability.


With our advanced technology and system integration ability, onActivity makes it easy for MTR to display ad-hoc and instant information, and as a result, delivering better service to passengers and improving its railway operations.

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