Immersive Ceiling Projection @ Skypark

New World Development • 2015

4K Property show flat theatre

Absorbed in the beautiful scenes rendered in CG and the stunning theatre ceiling projections, everyone was seriously impressed by the amazing production staged by onActivity in New World Development’s property showroom in Cosco Tower Hong Kong.


A theatre ceiling projection deploying 4 high brightness projectors, each 7000 lumens, projecting a huge image of 7500 x 6700 mm onto the ceiling. With a file resolution of 4K and image resolution of 2150 x 1920, the show is a HD video with rich imageries of a starry skyline overlooking the dream house. Ceiling projection technology allows image content to be seamlessly displayed on the entire ceiling, creating an immersive experience for viewers to enjoy.


The challenges:

The technical team was faced with a number of challenges in this ceiling projection project – insufficient projection distance due to low ceiling height, curved shape of the ceiling, etc. The auto calibration camera cannot capture the entire screen, and so manual adjustments are necessary during the calibration process. The expertise and experience of our technical team are crucial in making this a success.


onActivity designed the display system and media serving solution, and managed the project from concept development to installation execution, demonstrating an immense capability and flexibility in matching any display configuration.

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