Optical Multi-touch Table @ Lancome

Lancome pop up store, Hong Kong & Seoul • 2019 & 2020

Effective projection-based solution for interactive games

This interactive multi-touch table was built for the global skincare brand LANCOME in its pop up store in Hysan Place shopping mall, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. During the 10-day product launch event, a tailor-made Q&A game was designed to enhance visitors’ understanding of the brand and products. Users can play the game by sliding a Lancome product bottle on the touch table to choose the right answers.


The technology used for this interactive set up is projection-based. It comprises 2 optical multi-touch systems – using 2 sets of projectors for displaying image and IR cameras for sensing. Projection based system is a cost effective solution for the creation of large interactive surfaces.


The digital projector is used to project the interface image on the projection screen from behind the surface. As the multi-touch surface is built in table form, we have to overcome the challenge of insufficient distance between the projector and projection surface and successfully managed to display the image of the specified size.


The optical multi-touch system uses IR cameras from below to track the user’s interactions with the surface. The camera “sees” infrared light reflected by fingers or objects touching the surface. The resulting image is then processed using computer vision software for touch detection.

This same touch table was also set up in the LANCOME pop store in Seoul for one month.


Multi-touch tables make a good marketing tool for promoting brands and products, because of its interactivity, eye-catching visuals and high impact motion. Passers-by are attracted to try out the interactive games. It is no surprise that interactive media is widely used to engage potential customers in retail events

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