Interactive Digital Poster @ HK Airport Station

MTR Airport Station • 2017

Interactive ads to maximize ad revenue

The Airport Express runs every 10 minutes. Travellers have little to do while waiting for the train at the platform. This makes them a very captive audience. And since passengers cannot board a train early, they are not able to skip ads altogether. When combined with eye-catching and creative campaigns, this results in great ROI for advertisers.


To capitalize on those idle time, MTR makes use of a strong digital signage network. At the Airport Station train platform, MTR installed a number of 65” LCD screens as Digital Poster, 2 of which provide an interactive platform for advertisers. Interactive campaigns with an easy user interface is a great fit for such locations. Michael Kors’ campaign, for instance, is a good example of engaging viewers and make the most of those extra few minutes. Viewers can touch the screen to select the latest fashion item picture, drag to enlarge or rotate, or tap to see a video.


Digital poster technology also reduces the cost and time associated with the production and distribution of static posters, and it displays high definition dynamic graphics to attract the attention of customers.


onActivity is the technology company behind this digital poster system. The display screens are networked and the contents can be managed from a centralized location. Campaigns are launched across all the screens in a matter of minutes. Our Digital signage software automates each screen’s scheduling based on time of day and other custom criteria pre-set by the client. This way, every ad is played in the right context, definitely a benefit for both viewers and advertisers.

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