Responsive Retail Solution @ Pricerite

Pricerite • 2017

Allows retailers to do business in a smarter way.  

Hong Kong household supplies chain, Pricerite, utilizes onActivity’s interactive Omni Channel Solution for the retail industry to collect, analyse and interpret big data to help them make better business decisions. The interactive setups also serves other important functions such as projecting a hi-tech corporate image, broadcasting marketing messages, as well as helping customers find their products of choice.


onActivity’s Interactive Retail Solution is an intelligent digital signage solution that offers the retail industry an automated system to find out patterns, market trends, customer preferences and other useful information that can help retailers optimize their business strategies, increase sales and profits. The system analyses consumers’ interaction with the store displays by installing responsive content across connected devices, offering insights for the popularity of products, effectiveness of ad campaigns etc.


At the new Pricerite flagship store in Mongkok, onActivity installed an extensive digital signage and interactive system across the two-storeyed shop. The whole setup includes:

  • TV walls & LED displays with video sensors – a number of 3 x 3 and 2 x 2 TV walls, 65 inches large screens have been installed at strategic positions of the store – main entrance, staircase, membership corner, etc. Normally these screens will play the company’s pre-set videos and images, but with cameras installed along the path of customer traffic, the right kind of message will pop up exactly when customers approach, e.g. welcome message, sales promotion offers, new product launches etc.

  • Interactive E-service Kiosks – a number of large touch screens have been put in different product sections to assist customers during their purchase journey. Users can search their preferred product to inspect detailed specifications, check where the product is located in the store with a floorplan showing the route, and in case the product is out of stock they can see the availability of other nearby stores. They can even connect to the Pricerite online shop to place order if they wish. All these functions allow customers to find and purchase products more easily, enhancing customer experience and helping the shop to make more sales.

  • Membership Corner – a touch panel is installed in this corner for members to access their account information and other VIP privileges. Other customers can also enrol as members here.

  • Sensors for Analytics – sensors are installed in different locations to anonymously capture shopper count and record shopper metrics by time-of-day and day-of-week, offering insights on the effectiveness of promotions and ad campaigns, statistics for manpower arrangements etc.

We live in a world increasingly driven by data.  Big data reveals patterns, trends and associations, especially relating to human behaviour and interactions, which has important value for the retail industry.

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