Digital Advertising System @ MTR

Digital Advertising System provides a huge network based platform for users to manage advertising schedule. MTR has one of Hong Kong’s largest advertising platforms – its massive railway network provides numerous advertising space all over the stations, including the concourse, escalator crown and trackside. Amongst the different ad formats, digital ad is a preferred choice because they enable advertisers to engage and interact with the target audiences with the support of innovate digital technology.


Having the highest ridership among Hong Kong public transports, these ads reach over 4 million passengers on average per day, according to Monthly Traffic and Transport Digest published by the Transport Department of the HKSAR government.


Since 2008, OnActivity has been the technology mastermind behind the MTR digital advertising system, responsible for creating and implementing various digital ads for the transportation giant. The most noteworthy projects executed over the years include the Digital Escalator Crown DEC), Digital Panel (DP), and Digital Motion (DM).

Digital Escalator Crown (DEC)

Turning the MTR escalator into a multi-media advertising space
Even the busiest Hong Kong people must have noticed the animated ads that run alongside the MTR escalators. This system is called Digital Escalator Crown (DEC) and is the first digital and animated escalator advertising platform in Asia’s metro system.


Multiscreen contents with synchronization
An innovative way to showcase products through a string of 32” HD LCD screens that run on the wall above the handrail of the MTR escalator, and tells a story through visuals on rotating loops, appearing as a movie on the move. Passengers can enjoy a story-telling advertising experience when travelling along the escalator. DEC accommodates animated ads, image flow executions, rotation of multiple visuals, and audio effects. The high-definition screens and high-impact content impresses every passenger passing by.


onActivity designed and installed this cutting-edge digital display system, providing a dynamic and creative digital advertising solution. The project was first launched in 2008, with 157 players installed in the 3 busiest MTR stations – Causeway Bay, Central and Tsim Sha Tsui.  Since then, the system has revamped and upgraded to 40” LCD displays in 2014 and continued to expand to more stations.


Central Network Management
The onActivity solution offers a central content management and distribution mechanism. The corporate administration and design office can manage the network from a single access location. The screens in each escalator bank always run in synchronization such that all content in the screens are playing coherently.

Digital Panel (DP) / Digital Panel Zone

Animated ads that come in pairs
In 2009 MTR introduced the innovative Digital Panel (DP) advertising platform, which is essentially animated ads that come in pairs, to meet marketing and communication goals of its advertisers.

4k Playback with Noborders Technology (Multiscreens Synchronization Playback)
The initial MTR Digital Panel network consists of 56 pairs of 65-inch HD plasma panels, installed vertically for advertising display, in 10 high traffic stations. With cutting edge digital signage technology, DP accommodates animated ads, image flow executions and rotation of multiple visuals, to generate high impact motion and visual in a captive environment.

onActivity provided this eye-catching and flexible digital display system for MTR. 65″ HD twin display panels are set up in 10 high traffic MTR stations throughout the concourses and platforms, deploying more than 120 players. onActivity digital signage software is the core in driving the digital panels and providing synchronization playback.

The creativity and flexibility of DP has made it one of the most popular media for MTR advertisers, and more panels are installed in subsequent years.

Digital Panels with large format poster extension – Digital Panel Zone
The DP has become so successful that MTR extended the concept to an even larger scale – Digital Panel Zone, which is a group of 2 or 3 pairs of 65″ HD digital panels in near proximity surrounded with large format poster extension to create a stunning impact.  This ad format improves customer recall and has proved to be a great way for advertisers to boost brand awareness. 

onActivity performed system design and software integration for DP Zones, for more than 12 players at MTR’s highest traffic stations, including Causeway Bay and Central.

The digital panel zone is configurable as an individual pair or in wall mode. The installation offers full HD advertising on each screen coping with the extendable graphics and is achieving a 6000 × 2000 pixels content output.

Digital Motion (DM/Trackside LED)

The Digital Motion network is Hong Kong’s largest outdoor HD TV network with the biggest screen size. This digital display network covers 44 highest traffic tracks in 26 key MTR stations. 110” LED widescreens with audio effects are mounted on the trackside, offering exceptional high impact and exposure at high traffic stations. Other than the trackside, MTR also offers Digital Motion Zone in the concourse area. 

Stable wired network ensures superb image quality. Real-time data retrieval provides update weather info while non-stop news ticker at the bottom of the screen keeps passengers well-informed with current happenings around the wold while waiting for the trains.

With the competitive edge of digital technology, this digital network not only offer an innovative image to brands, but also high creative flexibility to enhance ad message delivery with impactful motion and sound effect.

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